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Saudi Arabia Launches Health Clusters

Health clusters will focus on holistic, preventive care rather than solely on curative approaches. Each health cluster is an integrated network of health care providers under one administrative structure serving approximately one million people. A cluster will consist of primary care centers, general hospitals, and specialized services so that beneficiaries undergoing examination in the cluster may avail themselves of all the required services through an integrated administrative system.

Each health care provider within a cluster will be required to coordinate and collaborate to meet a defined population’s needs. Each cluster may eventually have a set budget allocation and work under a contract that specifies the outcomes and other objectives required to achieve within that budget. It is estimated that there will be 20–30 clusters across the Kingdom. Currently, the MOH has launched two clusters: Riyadh Health Cluster One and the Second Health Cluster in Central Region. 

As Saudi Arabia rolls out the clusters, there will be tremendous opportunities for U.S. companies to supply a full array of health-related products and services. The National Unified Company for Medical Supplies (NUPCO) is responsible for the procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and for the administration of supply chain and logistics for all the public healthcare providers operating and dispensing these medical supplies in Saudi Arabia. In order to participate in a NUPCO tender, foreign companies must register in NUPCO system, and all medical devices and pharmaceuticals products should be registered with the Saudi FDA.

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