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Saudi Arabia Intellectual Property Agency

Saudi Arabia has established the new “Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property” (SAIP), which manages IPR Operations, Provision of IPR, Generation and use of IPR, and Enforcement of IPR in Saudi Arabia.

SAIP has launched 21 centers in 5 regions across the Kingdom, to facilitate access to local technical information and services related to intellectual property fields. 

Contact details:
Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Suwailem, CEO
Twitter: @SAIPKSA 
Customer care: 920021421

Saudi Courts to Handle Intellectual Property Cases:
Starting February 2020, Saudi commercial courts and departments will handle copyrights and patents-related cases. The cases will be heard in commercial departments of the commercial courts, which are inside general courts across the Kingdom. Cases filed before that date to the committees for examining patents on inventions and for copyrights protection will be resolved through those two committees. The Saudi Justice Ministry set up a plan to train judges on copyrights system and on handling patents disputes inside commercial courts.

For additional information, contact Khalid Khan, Commercial Specialist in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia