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Saudi Arabia Healthcare Industry Reforms

Saudi Arabia is introducing sweeping reforms and is investing heavily to implement a transformation program for its healthcare industry, in line with its strategic Vision 2030 economic diversification program.

The reform agenda includes plans to invest $65 billion to overhaul healthcare infrastructure, train and incentivize local healthcare professionals, reorganize and privatize healthcare services and insurance, launch 21 “health clusters” across the country, and expand the provision of e-health services.  Through these efforts, the Saudi government aims to increase private sector participation in the health sector from 20 to 35 percent by 2030 by privatizing 290 hospitals and 2,300 primary healthcare centers. 

For 2023, Saudi Arabia has allocated a budget of $50.4 billion (SAR 189 billion), constituting a 4.5 percent reduction compared to the previous fiscal year. In 2023, Saudi Arabia will inaugurate three hospitals across the country with a total targeted capacity of 900 beds. Additionally, four existing hospitals will debut specialized services for the elderly and home health services through in-home dialysis, home ventilator services, and mother/childcare services after home birth and palliative care. 

As part of the transformation, the Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to increase primary care services through a doctor-for-every-family model, with the goal of registering and reaching over 20 million beneficiaries and improving their access to healthcare services.  

This country-wide sectoral transformation creates significant opportunities for U.S. companies in Saudi Arabia’s rapidly developing healthcare market. Interested U.S. companies may learn more about this program by sending inquiries or requests for further information to