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Saudi Arabia Health Insurance Center

The Saudi Cabinet approved the establishment of the National Health Holding Company and the National Health Insurance Center. 

The new National Health Holding Company will assume all day-to-day operations from Ministry of Health (MOH) and provide beneficiaries with services through primary healthcare development programs including expanded digital health and virtual medical care, specialized services for cancer and renal failure, care for chronic diseases, and critical care services for patients who have suffered heart attacks and strokes.  

The new National Health Insurance Center will purchase health services provided by the Health Holding Company or its subsidiaries.  The MOH will be the regulator and supervisor of public and private health institutions, and, once fully launched, Saudi Arabia’s integrated network of health clusters will handle the provision of integrated healthcare services for beneficiaries across the Kingdom. This is the latest development vis-à-vis the MOH’s efforts to transform the country’s healthcare system to focus on the promotion of community health, prevention, and early detection of diseases and health risks.

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