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Saudi Arabia’s entertainment sector regulator General Entertainment Authority(GEA) outlined the new industries and criteria required for entertainment licenses.

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA), Saudi Arabia’s entertainment sector regulator, issued updated licensing regulations to develop its nascent and promising entertainment sector as part of the Saudi Arabian Government’s Vision 2030 plan.

The GEA outlined the new industries and criteria required for entertainment licenses – these updates supersede the GEA’s 2018 list.

There are three categories for the ten new licenses available to the public.

Entertainment Venues:

  • Theme parks licensing
  • Entertainment centers licensing
  • Entertainment events venue licensing

Entertainment Events:

  • Entertainment show permit
  • Entertainment event permit
  • Restaurant and cafe live show permit

Supplier Services:

  • License to manage and develop artistic and entertainment talents
  • License to operate entertainment venues
  • Crowd Management and Organization Accreditation
  • Entertainment Activities Ticketing Accreditation

U.S. companies with experience in consulting, planning, development, security, training, and management of entertainment destinations are encouraged to pursue business opportunities in the Saudi market as the Kingdom opens up to foreign businesses.  Those interested should contact Shariq Iqbal, Commercial Specialist at for market entry guidance and details on these developments.