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Saudi Arabia Design and Construction Neom Project Opportunities

Announced in 2017, NEOM is the largest master planned project in the region, and possibly the world, with an estimated value of $1.5 trillion. It is a crucial component of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 economic diversification plan, aimed at building a diversified economy with robust non-petroleum sectors.

The massive project will span several regions, including: 
The Line: A megacity housed in a linear structure designed to accommodate 9 million people, stretching 105 miles, and composed of 135 modules, with a transit system capable of transporting people from one end to the other in 20 minutes.
Oxagon: A floating industrial complex that will serve as a fully automated port and logistics hub for shipping routes through the Red Sea.
Trojena: A sustainable mountain tourism destination with six districts, including a man-made lake, ski resort, and luxury village.
Sindalah: A high-end island destination connected to Mediterranean sailing routes, featuring a marina, village, hotels, and a golf course.
Gulf of Aqaba: A 74-miles-long coastal strip that includes Neom Bay, Neom Bay Airport, and Neom Industrial City, as well as a range of planned luxury hotels and cultural assets.

All of Neom’s planned developments will be powered by 100% renewable energy for a zero-emission ecosystem, with 95% of Neom’s total area set aside for conservation. The development will prioritize convenience and walkability, with a pedestrian-centric approach, with all amenities within a five-minute walk.

Saudi Arabia aims to position Neom as a hub for business, research and innovation. The project will span 14 sectors, which include: Design & Construction, Education, Research & Innovation, Financial Services, Entertainment & Culture, Manufacturing, Food, Media, Technology & Digital, Health, Well-being & Biotech, Mobility, Sport, Water and Tourism.

Significant opportunities exist for U.S. companies within these sectors. Those interested in becoming Neom suppliers must register in Neom Procurement Portal: Registration to Become Neom Supplier

U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Saudi Arabia will organize an infrastructure working group to showcase U.S. companies in related sectors and facilitate connections to this and other opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

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