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Romania Public Sector Digital Transformation

Accelerated by the pandemic-fueled changes in work, education, and daily living, Romania’s public and private sectors are experiencing rapid ICT transformation. In its six-pillar Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Romanian government has focused significant attention on ICT, including the Digital Transformation pillar, which prioritizes:

  • Public services digitalization
  • Digital skills
  • Secure and resilient digital infrastructures
  • Digital transformation of SMEs

The Digital Transformation pillar provides over $2 billion for the development and improvement of e-government and digital public systems, including, governmental cloud, electronic ID cards for 8.5 million people, skilling/up-skilling/re-skilling for 30.000 civil servants and 100.000 citizens, and cybersecurity enhancements at 65 organizations.

Cloud-related solutions have large potential in the short- and mid-term. The GOR is considering establishing a cloud agency, “National Agency of E-Services and Cloud (ANSEC)” within a future public-private partnership (PPP), eventually consolidating all the public administrations’ IT platforms.

Other public projects launched within the framework include the delivery of ICT equipment (both hardware and software) to schools with a special focus on rural areas, training programs aiming to enhance teachers’ digital competences, and raising awareness on digital skills and initiatives supporting the digitalization in the public and private sector.

Opportunities also exist in the private sector to supply organizations of all sizes from SMEs to large corporations. Currently, enterprise application is noticeably below the EU-28 average. Thus, there is high potential for companies to target enterprises by offering low-cost solutions. The most substantial opportunities can be found in organizations for which IT security is critical:

  • Financial, banking, and insurance sectors
  • Critical infrastructure networks (energy and utilities)
  • Telecommunications (Telco)
  • Utilities and Energy Transport

For more information, please contact Commercial Specialist Ms. Alina Capat, at the U.S. Commercial Service Romania.