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Qatar Printing and Publishing

Qatari nationals and expatriates alike are interested in having a diverse selection of books and reading materials, including children’s books, available for purchase.  In Qatar, books are sold through local distributors, bookstores, book fairs, and on e-commerce sites.  Islamic and children’s books in Arabic are in demand and there is significant demand for English language books such as children’s books, textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and books on the New York Times’ best seller’s list.    

Education from early childhood to college to the post-secondary level in Qatar continues to expand.  There has been substantial investment in new facilities and a focused strategy on attracting talented educators and school administrators.  In addition, there is an emphasis on fostering literacy at all levels through national reading programs.  National campaigns such as Qatar Reads, launched in 2016, created interest in reading among all residents.  It also highlighted the importance of reading not only as a past time but to transform Qatar into knowledge-based economy.  Other examples of national reading programs include Reading Together for Qatar.  This program is one of the National Center for Educational Development projects which aims to improve the quality of educational outcomes referred to in Qatar’s National Vision 2030.  The project supports students in Qatari public schools who struggle reading Arabic.

In September 2022, the Qatar National Library recently launched the Read to Lead program, which focuses on leadership and the knowledge found in self-help books to improve efficiency, performance, and productivity.  The Ministry of Culture recently launched the Read and Rise Club, in collaboration with the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, to support the establishment of reading clubs in universities.  The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Supreme Education Council, and Ministry of Culture encourage/organize several trade shows and conferences to attract innovative companies from around the world to grow the education and literacy segment in Qatar.

Next Steps for the U.S. Client

U.S. publishing houses that are interested in promotional activities in the State of Qatar should work with Commercial Specialist Srinivasa Murthy ( at the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in Qatar.  CS Qatar can perform single company promotion services, market research, business-to-business matchmaking services, and other assistance.  

Participate in the Doha International Book Fair

Each year, Qatar’s Ministry of Culture organizes the Doha International Bookfair (DIBF).  After 31 editions, the DIBF bookfair is one of the oldest and largest international book fairs in the region.  It hosts over 300 publishing houses displaying diverse collection of books from all over the world.  The 10-day event features daily seminars, lectures, readings, and art and writing workshops and is expected to attract thousands of avid young readers, adults, teachers, book distributors and administrators.  U.S. publishing companies, educational toys, tools, and robotic businesses, and other firms in the education sector may explore opportunities to participate at the book fair.  U.S. companies in this sector could display and demonstrate their educational tools and sell their products and services.  Pre-registration and an exhibition/conference fee ($750 -$2000 approximately depending on the size of the booth) are required to participate.  Publications should not be contrary with Islamic belief, principles, values, and customs of the community.                   

To be placed on CS Qatar’s contact list for the DIBF, please contact Commercial Specialist, Srinivasa Murthy at


•    Qatar STEM Education Summit 2023 - This event aims to bring together educators across the region to effectively deliver STEM curriculum.  The organizers are hosting a series of localized events, culminating with flagship event on Digital Learning and STEM Education, and are inviting participation of educators and edtech providers from around the world. 
Date: March 14-15, 2023
Location: Doha, Qatar 

•    University Expo Qatar 2023 - a comprehensive two-day exhibition attended by students age 16+ who are considering their higher education options, as well as their parents and teachers. 
Date: Oct. 23-24, 2023
Location: Doha, Qatar 

For more information about this opportunity, please contact: Mr. Srinivasa Murthy, Commercial Specialist,