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Qatar Information and Communications Technology Sector

Qatar has one of the highest internet penetrations in the world and is ranked among the leading countries in terms of ICT adoption.  The ICT sector is currently estimated to be worth $4.4 billion and is expected to grow rapidly in the future. 

There are several opportunities to work with private and public sector entities in Qatar in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, blockchain, and cloud computing in the supply chain & logistics, smart city solutions, financial services, and various other sectors.

The recent launch of Smart Qatar platform (TASMU) to accelerate the achievement of all pillars of Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 is expected to aid further growth in the sector.  The ICT sector has several advantages as it serves and overlaps with all economic sectors.  It is one of the major drivers in the development and prosperity of society and businesses in the region and the central pillar for QNV 2030, which is the national plan for development and diversification. As Qatar gears up for the FIFA World Cup 2022, ICT opportunities exist for the latest technologies to ensure quality fan experience.  

According to Global Data, ICT spending in Qatar is estimated to reach $9 billion by 2024 and will provide significant export opportunities for U.S. companies.  Large U.S. firms have recently won major ICT deals and there are opportunities for SMEs to capitalize on having large U.S. firms as anchors in the market.  Qatar’s private and public sector enterprises are receptive to working with U.S. companies to procure high-quality products and services.  There are export opportunities for U.S. SMEs to compete for world-class ICT products and smart solutions and applications using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, blockchain, and cloud computing across industry sectors.

U.S. firms in the ICT sector should consider attending the Qatar IT Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM 2021), and they can work with the U.S. Commercial Service in Qatar to explore matchmaking, market research or other assistance that may prove beneficial.  Organized by the Qatari Ministry of Transport and Communications, QITCOM is Qatar’s largest information and communication technology event that attracts technology providers, policymakers, and industry experts.

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