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The Solidarity Transport Hub (STH), a new airport project in Poland announces three tenders; 1) strategic advisor, 2) integrator and, 3) master planner. The STH presents significant opportunities for U.S. companies interested in in the initial engineering and project management stages of this major project. Moreover, technological support will be highly needed. Good opportunities for U.S. exporters: 

  • Engineering and project creation in STH as an integrator/master planner
  • Architectural expertise
  • Future engagement in a smart city project (part of the STH). 

Nearly 50 million passengers traveled through Polish airports in 2019, reaching a record compared to 2018, an increase of 6%, according to estimations.  Poles, taking advantage of their robust and growing economy, resulting in higher salaries and disposal income, are traveling more often.

STH is the government’s response to a substantial increase in air passenger traffic in Poland.  Poland’s largest airport (Chopin Airport), has no possibility to expand.  STH is designed to handle 45 million passengers and will have the opportunity to eventually support 100 million passengers.  According to government plans, STH is scheduled to launch in 2027 at an estimated cost of $9 billion – the most expensive single infrastructure project since 1989.  STH will be located in Central Poland, approximately 25 miles from Warsaw. The STH project is one of the top priorities of the current government, receiving $75 million from the government in 2019.

The STH is currently seeking partners and published/will publish tenders, as follows:
It is important to note that according to STH, one company will not be allowed win two major tenders, i.e., a contracted partner cannot be an Integrator and Master Planner.  According to STH’s CEO, the tenders will include a competitive dialogue that may result in some modifications.

Information about tenders can be found on STH’s website as well as on Tenders Electronic Daily website.
For more information about the Solidarity Transport Hub and for updates, please contact Commercial Specialist Joanna Bereza at or U.S. Commercial Service Poland: