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Poland ICT Cyberattacks in Poland take place every 9 minutes

Polish companies and institutions are increasingly targeted by hackers. In 2022, a cyber-attack in Poland took place every nine minutes according to Noventiq company, a global provider of IT solutions. With that in mind, demand from the local public and private sectors in Poland for innovative cyber security solutions has been growing.

It is not just private companies that are being targeted were targeted by cyberattacks, but also hospitals, medical institutions, banking, and administration. 

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Poland became one of the most targeted countries for cyber-attacks.  According to Noventiq analysts, today the country ranks sixth in Europe in terms of cyber threats, right next to Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Estonia, and Belarus. Attacks on public institutions just in October 2022 grew from 1214 attacks per week to 2316 per week. The public utility sector has been attacked in Poland twice as often as the average for such institutions should be.

According to forecasts, in 2023 cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, in sectors of gas, energy, public transport, healthcare will grow.

Experts believe that the most important trends within cybersecurity will be ransomware, attempts to infiltrate through the use of popular open-source application programming interfaces (APIs), which are becoming a new vector of attacks.

U.S. companies specializing in cutting edge cyber security solutions could be of significant interest to the Polish government and private sector partners seeking to improve their cyber security infrastructure and readiness.

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