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Poland Education country plans to buy over 360,000 laptops for school children

Poland’s Ministry of Digitization recently announced the largest public tender for laptops. Within the tender, 363,035 laptops for 4th grade students of (10-11 years old) will be purchased in 2023. The tender will be divided into 73 orders, which means that each region will lead their tenders separately.  The laptops should be delivered before the beginning of the next school year, which starts on September 1, 2023.

Potential suppliers can participate in multiple tenders. Any company that has experience with issuing at least 5,000 laptops twice during last three years can participate in the tender.

The cost of the investment is 232 million USD and will be covered by the National Recovery Plan (EU). The tender procedure for 363,035 laptops is overseen by the Government Administration Service Center. The laptops must meet the following requirements: have minimum 8GB RAM, screen size of at least 13 inches, and SSD storage with a minimum capacity of 256 GB.  Also, a 36-month warranty is required.

The project will be renewed in the upcoming years and each year, 4th grade students will receive new government-issued laptops.

After the first tender is concluded, laptops for teachers will be purchased. Minister of Education Przemyslaw Czarnek announced that the government will deliver 400,000 laptops. The project will be led by the Ministry of Digitization and the details will be announced soon.

Companies interested in participating in tenders in Poland in ICT/Education area can contact