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Poland Civil Nuclear Power Strategy

Poland’s Ministry of Energy has published draft Poland’s Energy Policy by 2040 (PEP2040).  The document is still subject to consultations and government approval.  According to the draft PEP2040, Poland is planning to introduce nuclear power into its energy mix.  Developing nuclear power plants will help to reach three objectives: (i) generation stability at 0% CO2 emissions; (ii) diversification of the generation structure; and (iii) nuclear power plant utilization safety, including access to different fuel sources.  The nuclear power will make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the increasingly restrictive EU climate policy.  Poland expects Polish entities to execute 60% of the project value in constructing the new nuclear plants.
The Ministry of Energy plans to launch operations of the first 1-1.5GW nuclear power reactor in 2033. The remaining five reactors are expected to come into live by 2043. Poland plans to reach the total nuclear power plant output capacity of 6-9GW.
The Roadmap Outlined in draft PEP2040 is as follows:
2018 – develop a financing model ;
2019 – enact legislative changes to enable the execution of nuclear power plants and organize nuclear supervision technical support;
2020 – select the final location of the first Kopalino/Zarnowiec reactor;
2021 – select the technology and the general contractor;
2024 – begin to construct the first reactor, and then the remaining reactors;
2027 – launch a new landfill site for low- and medium-radioactivity waste;
2033 – launch the first nuclear reactor;
Then, every two years until 2043 – launch the remaining five nuclear reactors.
According to the document, two possible sites in northern Poland are under consideration for the first reactors: Lubiatowo-Kopalino and Zarnowiec.  The PEP2040 provides guidelines for the update of Poland’s Nuclear Power Program PNPP.  PNPP was created in 2009 and constitutes the basic government document for development of nuclear power plants in Poland.  According to the Ministry of Energy, the update of the Poland’s Nuclear Power Program, especially in area of financing and business model, should be made by the end of 2019.  The Ministry of Energy estimates the cost of Polish nuclear power program at $60 billion and is looking for foreign technology provider to offer 50% of project financing.

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