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Philippine Dental Sector

The Philippine dental sector is heavily reliant on imported, high-quality equipment to address the increasing demand for services.

Data from the National Monitoring and Evaluation for Dental Survey (NMEDS) indicates that 87.4% of Filipinos suffer from tooth decay or dental cavities.  Sugary, carbo-loaded foods, and processed foods, coupled with the emotional stress during the pandemic, have caused the increased incidences of tooth decay or cavities.  Moreover, the country’s aging population, which accounts for 8.2%, has also contributed to the demand for better and more accessible dental services.

There are currently around 4,200 dentists across the Philippines, according to  The Filipinos’ oral and dental health is limited to simple brushing routines with regular toothpaste.  Families in lower-income households use alternative methods to clean their teeth such as saltwater gargles and brushing with baking soda.  The Philippine Department of Health released DepEd No. 041 or the Guidelines on the Implementation of School Dental Health Care Program, which includes distributing dental care supplies to children from kindergarten to grade 6 and applying fluoride varnish to all kindergarten and grade 3 students.

The Philippines enacted Republic Act 11223, or the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act, which aims to provide affordable, quality, and comprehensive health services to encourage Filipinos to obtain oral health services.  The Philippine Government implemented a sugar tax to discourage Filipinos from consuming sugary drinks and fund more oral care programs and infrastructure.  However, this has not been enough to encourage a trip to the dentist as services are still considered expensive.

Dental tourism is becoming one of the most lucrative segments of Philippine medical tourism market.  Prices for cosmetic dentistry and other oral services in the country are relatively cheaper than in neighboring countries.  Tooth implants can cost around $1000-$2000, dental crowns around $150-$450, and laser teeth whitening costs around $200-$500.  This is about 30-90% less expensive compared to neighboring markets such as Malaysia and Thailand.

U.S. companies can find export opportunities in the following areas: 

Dental Equipment    Dental Consumables
•    Dental imaging devices
•    Dental chairs
•    Dental lasers
•    Dental laboratory equipment
•    Electrosurgical dental equipment     
•    Dental implants
•    Orthodontics
•    Dental prosthetics
•    Periodontics
•    Endodontics

The Philippines imports its dental products from China, Germany, Thailand, the U.S., and Singapore, with China accounting for 20.9% and the U.S. accounting for 8.2%.  U.S. manufacturers in the Philippines include 3M, Septodont, Ultradent, Inc., Morita, Dentaurum, Bego, and EdgeEndo.

Dental Trade Show in the Philippines

Dental Philippines Expo (in conjunction with Medical Philippines Expo) 
August 24-27, 2022
Location: SMX Convention Center