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Papua New Guinea Information Tech Digital Initiative

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has launched a digital transformation initiative intended to strengthen and improve service delivery of PNG’s public sector agencies.  The DICT’s Digital Governance Plan 2023-2027 outlines programs and activities that will be implemented over five years through three key channels of Government-to-Government, Government-to-Business, and Government-to-Citizens.

The DICT will work with lead government agencies to deliver greenfield services like ePassport, eHealth, eCensus, Education, and improve brownfield services like eCommon Roll, eFinance, and eCourts.  The PNG government anticipates that through the delivery of these electronic services there will be better coordination and collaboration between government agencies, government and business services can be integrated for ease of doing business, and citizens will have access to information and services at their convenience.

The DICT has begun the process by requesting information from qualified Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) on their cloud services offerings for the Government Leased Cloud Infrastructure (GLCI).  U.S. companies interested in future tender opportunities with DICT or general information on the Digital Transformation Initiates can visit DICT’s website on

For more information about these opportunities and for assistance with bidding on PNG government tenders, please contact: