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Panama Travel and Tourism Market

Panamanians visit the United States for various reasons, including tourism, business, education, and family visits. Here are some key points regarding tourism from Panama to the United States:

  • Tourism and Leisure Travel: many Panamanians travel to the United States for leisure and tourism purposes. Popular destinations include major U.S. cities such as Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando, as well as tourist attractions like Disneyland and national parks.
  • Business Travel: Panama has a strong and growing business relationship with the United States due to the Panama Canal and trade ties. Business travel, including meetings, conferences, and trade-related activities, contributes to travel between the two countries.
  • Education: a significant number of Panamanian students pursue higher education in the United States, attracted by the quality of U.S. universities and colleges. They come to the U.S. to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Family Visits: many Panamanians have relatives and friends living in the United States, and they visit the U.S. to reconnect with their loved ones.
  • Direct Flights: there are several direct flights between Panama and various U.S. cities, making travel more convenient for Panamanians. Panama’s main international airport, Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, serves as a major hub for connecting flights to the United States.
  • Tourism Promotion: the tourism industry in Panama promotes travel to the United States and vice versa, as both countries seek to attract tourists and strengthen their bilateral ties.

Tourism from Panama to the United States contributes to the economic and cultural exchange between the two countries. The availability of diverse attractions and opportunities in the United States continues to make it a desirable destination for Panamanian travelers. Travel trends may evolve over time in response to changing circumstances and global events.

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