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Panama Public-Private Partnership

The Government of Panama is supporting major projects that will be tendered under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) law. This is an opportunity for U.S. companies to participate in multimillion-dollar project tenders, in construction, food supplies, ICT, and security, among others yet to be announced. 

According to the Ministry of Public Works, in the construction sector only, there will be 25 projects tendered this year, representing 1,2 million USD that will be beneficial to over 3 million Panamanians around the country and generating over 3,500 direct jobs in the first two quarters of the year. The most important tenders for 2022 will be:

  • “2000km of Performance Field Road” projects
  • Projects to create new Toll roads around the country
  • Corredor Norte Toll Road route to David
  • 4th Electrical Transmission Line (500KW)
  • Penitentiary System Project. This is an infrastructure, management, food, digitalization, and security project.

If you would like to know more about the open tenders with the Government of Panama, please visit PanamaCompra portal.

The U.S. Commercial Service stands ready to support U.S. companies in their government procurement pursuits in Panama. For further information please contact your local USEAC and one of our Commercial Specialists.