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Panama: New Terminal Connects the World

Tocumen International Airport at Panama City recently inaugurated a second terminal which has connected more than 9 million passengers in its first year of operations. With this new terminal, Panama continues to growth its connectivity Hub allowing for more transit connecting both South America and North America with the rest of the world. 

Here are some reasons why the new terminal at Tocumen International Airport could be an important hub for Low-Cost Airlines:

  • Hub of The Americas-Transit: Tocumen International Airport has become a worldwide transit hub connecting North, Central, and South America. In less than a year of operations, the new terminal had a flow of 9 million passengers. This is mostly due because of Panama’s geographic location, allowing low-cost airlines to establish new connections between Panama’s Hub and The United States. 
  • Growing Tourism Market: Panama City has become a popular destination because of the many things the city has to offer. Places like the Casco Antiguo, the Panama Canal, beaches, rainforest, and the city life allow to target to different types of touristic groups.
  • Business and Trade Hub: Panama is not only hub for leisure travel, but also a very important economic and business trade hub. Many companies have opted for it. Opening logistic centers at Panama City. This would allow for Low-cost airlines to partner with companies for the corporate travel market.   
  • Favorable Regulatory Environment: Panama has very friendly business regulations allowing for companies to establish faster and without any obstructions. This could be of interest for the Low-cost airline businesses. 
  • Potential for Route Expansion: Panama’s specific location allows for low-cost airlines to partner and connect with other regional airlines to grow more in connectivity and by that allowing for route expansion for Panama and the low-cost airline. This way the U.S. can connect with more regions. 

Today, Panama continues its compromise of expansion and to maintain leaders of “The Hub of The Americas.”

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