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Panama Law Creates Food Agency (APA)

A new regulatory body in Panama will oversee food imports and phytosanitary standards.

Panama’s law 206  creates the Panamanian Food Agency (APA) and repeals Decree Law 11 of 2006, which created the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA).  U.S. exporters must comply with the regulations of this new agency. 

APA is the single window to process the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements for agro-industrial and industrial food production as well as the export and import of food, its transit and transshipment, meeting SPS standards, as well as international trade standards. 
The new law establishes that the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agricultural Development, and Ministry of Commerce and Industries are responsible for dictating the SPS requirements and technical standards.  APA’s Integrated System of Procedures will handle, as single window, all sanitary registration of local and imported food; prior notifications for food imports to Panama; sanitary operating permits; issuance of certificates of free sale of national food products; phytosanitary certification of plants and vegetables for human and animal consumption; among others functions determined by law.

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