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Panama Education and Digital Transformation

Panama is aiming to make a difference in public education through new public policies for a digital transformation.

The government of Panama implemented Law 294 to establish general guidelines for public policies in education. The goal is to improve equity in the entire education system through diverse teaching-learning models, flexible education modalities, digital transformation, guarantee the right to education, and by guaranteeing creative and innovative solutions that will facilitate the acquisition of abilities and competencies for students during the entire trajectory.

Law 294’s main objectives are: 

  • Implement digital transformation on a massive scale.
  • Provide the education system with a digital infrastructure. This will be done with things such as; energy, connectivity, equipment, platforms, and content to support the knowledge process.
  • Consolidate and integrate all progress into technological platforms.
  • Innovate and facilitate the learning system for teachers with new and efficient teaching models.
  • Develop a modern and continuous education system that allows innovation, investigation, and technological developments. 

The Ministry of Education will perform studies to identify the schools that need improvement in infrastructure and connectivity order to comply with the minimum requirements of Law 294.

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