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Panama Coffee Industry

Panama’s coffee is grown in the Chiriquí province, which has a perfect climate for coffee production. The region has high altitudes, rich volcanic soil, and cool breezes from both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Panama’s coffee industry has grown significantly in recent years, thanks in part to the success of the Geisha variety. Geisha coffee is known for its complex flavor profile, with notes of jasmine, floral, citrus, and fruity notes. In 2013, a Geisha coffee from Panama sold for a record-breaking $803 per pound at auction.

Today, Panama exports around 50,000 sacks of 60 kilograms each per year. Most of this coffee is exported to the United States, Japan, and Europe. Panama’s coffee industry is important to the country’s economy, providing employment for over 70,000 people.

Most coffee farms in Panama are small, family-owned operations. The top competitors are:

  • Finca Elida
  • Finca Lerida
  • Carmen Estate
  • La Esmeralda
  • Café Kotowa
  • Finca Lamastus
  • Café de Eleta
  • Finca Santa Teresa

The industry in Panama is growing and evolving. Coffee farmers are increasingly experimenting with new varieties and processing methods. The government is also investing in new technologies to help the farmers improve their productivity and quality. Many coffee producers in Panama have embraced sustainable and environmentally friendly practices lessoning pollution and the impact to the soil. They are prioritizing shade-grown coffee and may employ organic farming methods.

Overall, With the country’s ideal climate for coffee production, and its coffee farmers are skilled and passionate the coffee industry in Panama has a bright future and is well-positioned to continue to produce some of the highest-quality coffees in the world.

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