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New Zealand Water Sector Reform

New Zealand is going through generational regulatory changes to its three waters sector.  Legislative change will soon see the consolidation of the 64 existing organizations into ten new publicly owned Water Service Entities (WSE’s) that will operate New Zealand’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services. The transition to these entities will be staggered between July 2024 and July 2026. The goal is more effective resource utilization and capital efficiencies. 

In addition to the regulatory reform, New Zealand is planning significant levels of spending to address an infrastructure deficit in the industry - projected investment of between US$2.5-3.8 billion year-on-year is required. A significant number of projects across New Zealand are expected to enter a procurement phase in the next few years.

Given the country’s geography and relatively small and scattered population there is considerable complexity and opportunity associated with management of water and wastewater in New Zealand.

There are opportunities from project management through to supply of machinery and other equipment.  There is a particular need for technology that can help lower the cost of construction and operation of assets.  Additionally, solutions that handle transient loads will be welcomed by seasonal communities (e.g. coastal townships).  Technology that will enable excess heat, energy, and water pressure from water and wastewater networks to be utilized are also expected to be in demand. Increasingly, there is a desire for productive, progressive, inclusive, sustainable, and climate-resilient procurement and delivery.

U.S. organizations wanting to enter the New Zealand water and wastewater market should note that it is becoming increasingly important to factor in local cultural values as they are becoming a greater part of the decision-making process. 

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