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New Zealand Travel Industry

Approximately 300,000 New Zealanders travel annually to the United States. 

New Zealand has a population of 4.5 million and is the only OECD nation outside of continental Europe that requires workers to receive at least 30 work-days of paid vacation and holidays. For a geographically isolated country in the South Pacific this generous vacation package combined with affordable international flights has resulted in the United States being the most popular long-haul destination by New Zealand travelers.  (Australia, New Zealand’s closest neighbor is the most popular short-haul destination.)  Leisure is the primary reason for travel to the USA, followed by visiting family/friends and business. 

New Zealanders can fly to the United States from Auckland to Honololu; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Houston and Chicago. These routes are supported by national carrier Air New Zealand and U.S. operators American Airlines, Hawaii Airlines and United Airlines. Exciting 2021 developments for the industry include the introduction of two new routes:

American Airlines will introduce a new route from Christchurch to LAX and Air New Zealand will introduce its new route from Auckland to New York. 

New Zealanders are among the few global travelers who gather research online – they like to go to an actual location where they can book with a travel agent. Approximately 50% of pre-departure bookings are made through wholesalers and travel agents.  This means it is important to support the marketing and training of the local travel industry.  

The annual IPW travel trade event hosted by the U.S. Travel Association is an opportunity for New Zealand’s travel trade buyers and leading journalists/publishers to attend/select and prepare material to tell local consumers about the many unique experiences and unlimited range of destinations available to visitors to the United States.  New Zealand’s IPW delegation is coordinated through the U.S. Commercial Service.  

For more information on promoting the U.S. as a travel destination, U.S. travel and tourism bureau/travel attractions can contact Commercial Specialist Janet Coulthart, Wellington, New Zealand.  Email: