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Sporting Goods New Zealand South Asia Export Potential

New Zealand Sports and Recreational Products

New Zealand is a mature market for sporting goods and associated products such as apparel and shoes. U.S. brands are visible particularly in the snowboard, skiing, and bicycling sectors. In the apparel sector, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and North Face brands have crossed into streetwear as fashion items. Traditionally, sporting and recreation products sold via local bricks and mortar retail operators. As a result of the pandemic, consumers purchasing patterns have changed significantly to online shopping and/or using the Internet to research and compare products. 

Besides competitive sport options such as cricket, rugby and netball, New Zealand’s landscape, waterways, and coastline spur New Zealanders and visitors to engage in many outdoor pursuits. A wealth of natural attractions in New Zealand (all areas of the country are within one hour of the ocean and within four hours of a ski area) offer a wide diversity of outdoor recreational activity options including walking and hiking, hunting, angling,  camping, snow sports, and water sports.

U.S. sporting and recreational goods are well received in New Zealand.  Key purchasing factors include brand recognition, price, durability, design and innovation, and increasingly a product’s sustainability.

Market Entry Requirements

  • Good must comply under the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

  • Most imports can enter the market tariff-free. Information on tariff rates is available on the New Zealand Customs website.

  • All goods imported into New Zealand are liable for a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

  • There are no import licensing requirements.

  • New Zealand’s system of measurement is metric.

  • Standards New Zealand provides information on local standards (agreed specifications for products, processes, services, or performance).

  • In 2021, the average currency exchange rate was NZ$1.00: US$.70

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