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New Zealand Infrastructure Project

Significant parts of New Zealand’s infrastructure network needs expanding, upgrading and/or replacing due to both population growth and age.  The schools, road and rail networks, water and wastewater systems, telecommunications, and electricity transmission infrastructure all require attention.

The New Zealand Government plans to spend around US$47 billion on infrastructure over the coming five years.  Part of this spending includes nearly US$4 billion announced in this year’s budget to go to a National Resilience Plan for strategic investments to “build back better” following significant cyclone and flooding damage around the country earlier this year.  The government has announced that a new Crown infrastructure delivery agency, Rau Paenga, will be established to assist government agencies and local authorities deliver projects in the National Resilience Plan.

If there is a change of government at the election later this year a National Infrastructure Agency may be created.  This agency would connect domestic and offshore investors in New Zealand infrastructure, coordinate the various government infrastructure investment funds, and act as a specialist delivery agency for complex projects.  There may also be more innovative funding and financing vehicles like public-private partnerships, tolls and value-capture instruments to boost private sector investment in infrastructure.

In summary, it is widely acknowledged New Zealand’s infrastructure systems need to be more resilient and sustainable to cope with ongoing stresses and trends, such as climate change and evolving technology.  There is also greater willingness to form strategic partnerships across industry. 

U.S. companies with products and services appropriate for new infrastructure projects may find opportunities in New Zealand. 

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