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Since the global pandemic began, New Zealand’s public healthcare system has focused on managing COVID19 as well as providing services which reflect an aging population. New Zealand’s healthcare system is comprised of public, private and voluntary sectors.  Around 85% of New Zealand’s healthcare is Government funded.  In May 2021, the New Zealand Government’s annual healthcare budget was approximately US$17.3 billion.

New Zealand citizens (population five million) receive free or subsidized healthcare.  Although the quality of care is very good, Maori, Pacifica, and people with disabilities are recorded as experiencing poorer health outcomes.  To address these inequalities, the New Zealand Government is launching a new entity called Health New Zealand, effective July 1, 2022.

Health New Zealand will manage New Zealand’s public hospitals and the commissioning of primary and community health services.  The existing 20 District Health Boards will be replaced by four regional divisions.  Health New Zealand is expected to reduce complexity and waste on administrative duplication of non-health services as well as centralizing procurement requirements.  Health New Zealand anticipates introducing more virtual and digital services such as phone and video consultation.

Effective March 2022, the Ministry of Health is due to begin a series of industry workshops to help and transition businesses to the new operating system. 

Market Entry

  • Healthcare products entering the market must comply with local regulations administered by New Zealand Government agencies Medsafe and Pharmac
  • All goods imported into New Zealand are subject to a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • There are no import licensing requirements.
  • New Zealand’s system of measurement is metric.
  • Standards New Zealand provides information on local standards (agreed specifications for products, processes, services, or performance)
  • In 2021, the average currency exchange rate was NZ$1.00 : US$0.70

More Information

Please contact:       Janet Coulthart, U.S. Commercial Service, New Zealand