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New Zealand eCommerce Snapshot

Online shopping in New Zealand has boomed through the COVID-19 pandemic.  A national lockdown and two regional lockdowns have inspired a wider range of men and women to make online purchases.  New Zealand has approximately 3.9 million online shoppers – 50% of the population now use online sites.  

In 2020, online transactions were valued at $43.9 million - Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) dominate sales. Online vendors are approximately 69% domestic and 31% international.  

Selling via an online platform offers U.S. companies an opportunity to test the market’s receptivity to a new product. Before doing this, the U.S. Commercial Service recommends companies first contact our offices first as some products entering the New Zealand market must meet local compliance regulations.     

New Zealand’s trend toward online shopping offers several opportunities for U.S. companies supplying:

  • Warehouse equipment for domestic vendors to sort and move products efficiently
  • Technology systems to track packages
  • Payment security systems

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