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New Zealand a Defense snapshot

New Zealand’s armed forces comprise of approximately 10,000 air, land and navy personnel personnel.  The combined forces have three defense-policy objectives:

•    to defend New Zealand against low-level threats
•    to contribute to regional security
•    to play a part in global security efforts

Ensuring New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) troops are adequately equipped is addressed by the release of the “Defence Capability Plan 2019” which sets out to 2030, New Zealand’s planned major defense capabilities investments (value approximately US$12.5 billion).  As well as the traditional land, sea and air funding, the plan includes money for “space-based systems”, e.g. satellite surveillance systems.  Major defense projects and a status of each project is available at the NZ Defence Capability Plan .  NZDF major defense procurements closely affiliate with Australia, this country’s closest neighbor.  

U.S. companies tendering for NZDF projects, can apply for advocacy via Commerce’s Advocacy Center.

Some select classes of merchandise particularly in the defense sector are categorized as dual-use and must only be exported with an export license.  U.S. defense companies should check their product’s export compliance requirements via the following links:

For more information on selling to the New Zealand Defence Force, U.S. companies can contact Commercial Specialist Janet Coulthart, Wellington, New Zealand.  Email: