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Agribusiness Water and Wastewater New Zealand Export Potential

New Zealand Agribusiness & Farm Water

New Zealand’s temperate climate and fertile soil has helped it become a leading global producer of many dairy, horticultural and forestry products, as well as sheep and beef meat. 

Local farmers access to clean and reliable freshwater is crucial for farm production. Irrigation is essential in some areas of New Zealand (primarily the East Coast and Central Otago) where the land doesn’t receive sufficient or regular summer rainfall to guarantee crop survival. Irrigation demand is spurred also by crop producers ensuring the right amount of water is available during a critical growth phase (e.g. kiwifruit production).

River water is the prime source of fresh water for farmers. River water is also used for urban drinking-water and recreation uses. The New Zealand Government is committed to ensuring waterways are protected, clean and safe to swim in for all New Zealanders. Compliance regulations affect users taking water for all end uses.

In New Zealand, approximately 1,779,156 acres of land is irrigated. Available water resources, topography and demand record this figure can be sustainably increased to an excess of 2,500,000 acres. New Zealand has limited stored water resources.  Any water stored is typically on-farm in small, shallow ponds.   Source:  Irrigation New Zealand

Opportunities exist for U.S. companies in:

  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Water Storage
  • Soil moisture tests
  • Water quality testing kits and equipment

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