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New Zealand Advanced Manufacturing Sector

As advanced manufacturing increases in New Zealand, opportunities exist for U.S. companies. 

New Zealand’s manufacturing sector is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy yet largely reflects the production of products grown and/or raised by this country’s agribusiness sector.  

As a result of COVID-19, New Zealand’s economy is exposed as reliant on low-productivity and low-value exports. It is widely accepted that advanced manufacturing is critical for diversifying New Zealand’s exports to create higher export earnings.

New Zealand’s advanced manufacturing sector represents a small number of niche operators working within health technology and generic pharmaceuticals; communications; agricultural technology and science sectors, and New Zealand’s emerging space sector.
Opportunities exist for U.S. companies in:

  • Innovative technologies to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing labor costs (across all sectors)
  • Specialized parts/components for use in local advanced manufacturing processes
  • Testing of new technologies: New Zealand was early to set-up compliance regulations to attract U.S. companies

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