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Netherlands Green Hydrogen Energy

Dutch ruling parties VVD and D66 called on the Dutch Cabinet to more than double the national green hydrogen production targets, which would offer major opportunities for green hydrogen companies and their suppliers. In 2019, the Dutch Climate Agreement set a goal of 4 gigawatts of power from green hydrogen production by 2030. They now want this to be doubled to 8 gigawatts. This is a result of the ever-increasing energy prices, the shutting down of the Groningen gas fields and desire to stop importing Russian gas.

The Dutch government set aside €15 million ($15 million) in the 2022 Coalition Agreement for the transition to sustainable energy. To stimulate the production and use of green hydrogen, the two parties feel that government subsidies should be made available to companies initially, with the idea that the sector will become profitable for private companies eventually. Their vision is for the sustainable fuel to initially be used by heavy industry and in the transport sector, such as inland shipping. They also envision a need for green hydrogen to be imported. According to VVD and D66, the Netherlands is very suitable for a transition to green hydrogen with ample potential to generate wind energy in the North Sea, and the gas infrastructure already present in the country.

An increase in green energy production and use in the Netherlands offers ample opportunities for U.S. suppliers of technology, equipment, and expertise for offshore wind energy production, hydrogen production, hydrogen infrastructure as well as exporters of green hydrogen produced in the United States. 

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