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Mozambique Heavy Industries

Mozambique’s free trade zone set to expand into heavy industries and seeks to develop a 2000MW gas-fired powerplant to satisfy the energy demand in the region.

Mozambique’s manufacturing sector is growing by 6% each year. The demand for local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) along with a growing middle-class population, is an opportunity for U.S. suppliers with value-added services such as logistical infrastructure to enter the market, particularly since most of these services are being imported.

Moz Parks – Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The Moz Parks is an industrial park operator, which holds a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between the Mozambican Government and Swiss-Mozambican investors. Its Beluluane Industrial Park is a free-trade zone with over 40 companies across different industries. 

As a member of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Mozambican companies benefit from reduced trade barriers and tariffs on exports to other members of SADC. As a special economic zone, companies located at the Beluluane Industrial Park do not pay import duties on raw materials to manufacture products deemed for export. The industrial park also works closely with the Government of Mozambique to attract companies with tax exemptions and by provide assistance with registration and licensing.

Heavy Industries Expansion at Beluluane Industrial Park

The park intends to expand its operations further into heavy industries, taking advantage of the power plant currently under development in the same vicinity. The developers plan to construct a gas-fired powerplant that will generate 2,000 megawatts of electricity to the Mozal Aluminum smelter next door and supply the region, which presents an opportunity for U.S. energy equipment suppliers.

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