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Mozambique Electric Utility

Mozambique’s state-owned national power utility is undergoing a large-scale transformation program. 

Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), Mozambique’s state-owned national power utility, is undergoing a large-scale transformation program that aims to make the company financially viable and operationally sustainable. The first step to this transformation is reducing its commercial and technical losses. USAID has been assisting EDM in this loss reduction program, they came up with steps to take in the near future. EDM will be designing an integrated system for tracking losses and mapping customers.

According to USAID reporting, EDM will need to conduct large scale customer registration using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This will allow the company to quantify their customer base and allocate their resources more effectively, EDM will be looking for standardized tools to measure their losses and align these with international best practices. EDM will look to standardize their metering systems, especially for low voltage clients. Smart metering technologies could be a viable solution.

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