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Mexico Trade Facilitation

Mexico´s New Customs Trade Facilitation for Imports

On May 9, 2022, the Mexican Ministry of Economy published an updated agreement on the General Rules and Criteria Regarding Foreign Trade, as described below.

This change in the regulation would allow Mexican importers to import through courier and parcel companies:

  • Without having a Mexican Customs License / Importer of record (Padron de Importadores).
  • Without hiring a Customs Broker Agent.
  • Exempting Mexican Standards / NOM.
  • With a new threshold for imports up to $2,500 dollars value at the Mexican Customs Ports.

Before May 9, the threshold exemption for NOMs was USD $1,000. With this change, the benefit now rises to $2,500 exclusively for courier and parcel companies.

This change does not impact global import tax rates applied to imports via courier and parcel companies, which remain the same.

We strongly recommend that U.S. exporters be in communication with their Mexican clients about these new benefits. Be alert that the Mexican government can limit these imports if it is suspected that the importer is using this scheme to avoid regulations, restrictions, or tax payments.

Consult the official website with the complete information about this Mexican regulation update.

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