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Professional Continuing Education Malaysia Partnership

Malaysia Education Partners and Vocational Training

The Malaysian Government seeks education partners to provide technical and vocational training to meet demand for skilled labor. 

To meet the growing demand from industry for skilled talent, the government of Malaysia will partner with businesses, associations, and educational institutions to enhance technical skills. Those needed capabilities are required in a variety of critical sectors. Currently, there is a shortage of more than 77,000 workers, with the manufacturing sector requiring an additional 77 percent more skilled employees, construction 11 percent, and other general services 9 percent.  

To encourage greater collaboration between the industry players and vocational training programs providers, the Malaysian government plans to strengthen the nation’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs. The Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT), a Statutory Body under the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) of Malaysia has been identified as an agency to expand the professional industry based on technology and techniques.

MBOT is interested in engaging with relevant international professional bodies or technology societies/associations that would be interested in collaborating on this program. Opportunities exist for Malaysia-based U.S. training providers to register as MBOT’s Approved Training Provider (ATP), where the ATPs are allowed to deliver programs to MBOT’s members.

MBOT has 24 Technology and Technical fields that they are keen on international collaboration, namely:

•    Aerospace & Aviation Technology 
•    Agro-based Technology 
•    Art Design & Creative Multimedia Technology 
•    Atmospheric Science and Environmental Technology 
•    Automotive Technology 
•    Biotechnology 
•    Building & Construction Technology 
•    Chemical Technology 
•    Cyber Security Technology 
•    Electrical and Electronics Technology 
•    Food Technology 
•    Green Technology 
•    Health and Medical Technology 
•    Information and Computing Technology 
•    Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 
•    Marine Technology 
•    Maritime Technology 
•    Material Science Technology 
•    Nanotechnology 
•    Nuclear and Radiological Technology 
•    Oil & Gas Technology 
•    Resource-Based, Survey & Geomatics Technology 
•    Telecommunication and Broadcasting Technology 
•    Transportation and Logistics Technology

If you are a representative of a U.S. education provider or company with relevant offerings in the fields mentioned above, kindly contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Malaysia to learn about our services. For more information, please email Janet Suan at