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Malaysia Digital Economy

The digital economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Malaysia.  The key digital technologies include robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, cloud technology, blockchain, financial technology, and cybersecurity.  To fully capture the digital opportunities in the country, the Government of Malaysia (GOM) established three key pillars of action through its National Strategic Initiative, Malaysia Digital: 

1.    Facilitate digitalization in both the public and private sectors.
2.    Build the nation’s digital talent.
3.    Promote digital trade opportunities.

This government initiative will also be the enabler to accelerate the nation’s digital ecosystem’s growth and drive adoption and opportunities in the digital economy to support the national recovery plan. The National Strategy focuses on nine key sectors: trade, agriculture, services, smart cities, healthcare, finance, content, tourism, and the Islamic digital economy.  These nine focus sectors have presented high-growth potential, opportunity, and importance in driving Malaysia’s next transformation to a digital economy.

As Malaysia continues to boost its digital ecosystem, the government of Malaysia needs to work with international technology providers and partners. That development presents opportunities for U.S. digital technology companies to expand their products and services to Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

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