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Kuwait Tender Process

Market Challenges:

Kuwait is a complex environment to conduct business. The governmental policies are frequently inconsistent and occasionally contradictory. In addition, there are significant challenges within the tendering process including: lack of transparency in the decision-making process; the reversal and subsequent reissuing of tenders following the awarding of tenders; and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. U.S. companies are advised/encouraged to remain flexible, patient, and persistent. Because of these challenges, Kuwait is an expensive market to do business.

Latest Developments:

To address transparency within the tendering process and improve communication with the private sector, the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) issued a circular in May 2021 making it compulsory for all public institutions to publish prequalification exercises and planned tenders in the Official Gazette at least 90 days prior to the date of issuance.

The regulation applies to both the government and semi-government entities and requires publishing details of their tenders in the Official Gazette or in the official website of the tender issuer entity. The details include tender number and subject, date of issuance, execution period, type of contract and other relevant details that can help interested companies to plan and prepare to participate in the tendering process.

Next Step for U.S. companies:

The U.S. Commercial Service in Kuwait recommends to U.S. companies interested in government procurements to visit the website of the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) routinely to learn about the current and upcoming opportunities. The link is : Also, interested companies may request the tendering plan when they meet with a governmental entity.

In the oil sector, the Kuwait Oil Company and Kuwait National Petroleum Company list the upcoming tenders on their websites. Please visit: and for additional information.

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