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Kuwait Automotive Exhaust

The Kuwait Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a new decision on selling and installing performance exhaust systems. According to the new decision, the following entities in Kuwait can import, sell and install performance exhaust systems:  

  • Sports bodies specializing in automobile engine 
  • Approved car dealers 
  • Licensed and authorized automotive parts distributors 

This decision overturned the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s strict decision to ban the import of all kinds of performance exhaust systems and accessories. The aim of the ban, effective was to eliminate vehicle noise but much of that noise happened due to faulty or counterfeit parts being used. The ban negatively impacted sales of American automotive parts into Kuwait.  

The new rule mandates that automotive parts distributors and car dealers must have a legal partnership or agreement with international companies to sell performance exhaust systems in Kuwait. The local partners or distributors must also obtain a prior approval from Ministry of Interior’s Kuwait General Traffic Department to sell and install performance exhaust system. These new rules will ensure that fake parts are no longer imported or sold in Kuwait.  

The decision by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will ensure legitimate, high-quality parts are sold in Kuwait within minimal contributions to noise pollution. Unregistered products, many of which are designed and packaged to look like legitimate products, will be controlled from entering the country.  

Most foreign companies require a Kuwaiti business partner to succeed in Kuwait. Once a foreign company chooses a distributor, they must sign an official agreement with the local company to give them the authority to sell your products in Kuwait. With that agreement, the foreign firm’s Kuwaiti representative can register and protect their brand in Kuwait. Without a legal agreement, a Kuwaiti business partner cannot register or obtain an approval to sell and install foreign performance exhaust systems. 

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