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Kenya National AfCFTA Implementation Strategy

 Kenya launches its national AfCFTA implementation strategy (2022-2027). 

U.S. companies in manufacturing and service re-exports can benefit from the recently launched Kenya National African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) implementation strategy (2022-2027). In June 2022, Kenya was designated as one of seven countries (including Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, Mauritius, Rwanda, and Tanzania) to pilot the AfCFTA rollout. In August, Kenya released its AfCFTA implementation strategy (2022 -2027) with the goal of consolidating, diversifying, and expanding exports to African markets and ensuring that its manufacturing sector attains 5% real value-added increases per annum.
Targeted export products under the rollout program include fisheries, medicine, fertilizer, paper, industrial chemicals, livestock, fruits, vegetables, spices, handcrafts, mining, and oil and gas.  Priority service exports include professional services, tourism, education, healthcare, financial services, ICT, cultural and sports services, and transport and logistics. 

Kenya is expected to start exporting under the program as early as in October 2022. U.S. Companies interested in supplying equipment and services in the value chain of products and services covered under the pilot program are encouraged to reach out to the U.S. Commercial Service in Kenya to explore specific opportunities. 

Background: Kenya is an active player in Africa economic integration initiatives. Kenya, alongside Ghana, was the first to ratify and deposit instruments of ratification of the AfCFTA.  When fully implemented, the AfCFTA pact will cover continent-wide an estimated 1.3 billion people with a revenue potential of approximately $3.4 trillion. As of July 2022, 54 countries have signed and 43 have ratified the agreement, enabling members to embark on the implementation stage.

For more information on the potential opportunities, please contact Commercial Assistant Leone Mutoka at: