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Kenya Launches New Ten-Year Digital Masterplan

The Government of Kenya (GoK) has launched a ten-year Information Communication Technology (ICT) Digital Masterplan 2022-2032, in order to align with global technological advancements and enhance the rise of Kenya’s digital economy. The digital masterplan identifies four key pillars - digital infrastructure, digital services and data management, digital skills, and driving digital innovation for entrepreneurship.

Under the digital infrastructure pillar, the government plans on laying 100,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable, installing twenty-five thousand hotspots in key business centers at public places, developing the government cloud, accelerating the development of the Konza techonopolis/smart city development, building out the regional ICT infrastructure, and developing a sustainable power plan to support the infrastructure.

Pillar two, digital services, calls for the digitization and automation of government records, the integration and increased interoperability of government services, the review and automation of all critical government services, the development of government security, intelligence and surveillance systems, and the digitization and automation of county processes in all of Kenya’s forty-seven counties.
The third pillar envisions investments in digital skills capacity and public workforce development, while pillar four focuses on a national physical addressing system, and the development of the Kenya software industry.

CS Kenya is actively working with Kenya’s Ministry of ICT to identify priority projects and opportunities for U.S. tech companies.
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