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The Kenya Hospital Association (KHA), a not-for-profit organization that operates a network of hospitals and clinics in Kenya, including one of East Africa‚Äôs most advanced medical facilities — the Nairobi Hospital, is inviting submissions of qualifications and proposals from interested U.S. companies to execute a feasibility study for a $43 million healthcare access and services expansion and improvement project. Funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), the feasibility study will analyze the technical, financial, and commercial factors necessary to inform planning, implementation, and financing for the KHA expansion and improvement project. 

As part of the larger $43 million project, KHA is looking to build or acquire:
-    New medical centers
-    Specialized equipment, especially in oncology, and 
-    Upgraded its IT system.

Kenya is experiencing a strong demand for investment by the private sector, as it seeks to plug the gaps in healthcare access and service delivery, caused by a stressed public healthcare system.  This need creates opportunities for U.S. companies in areas, including patient records management, cloud solutions, and advanced equipment.

More information on the specific USTDA-funded feasibility study call for proposals (closing June 30, 2023) can be found here.

To explore this opportunity as well as in the broader Kenyan healthcare sector, please reach out to Senior Commercial Specialist, Janet Mwangi at, or Commercial Assistant Judy Magondu at