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Italy Blue Economy

Italy is a country of maritime vocation par excellence and the third largest blue economy in Europe.

Italy is a country of maritime vocation par excellence.  With 4,723 miles of coastline and a strategic position within the Mediterranean basin, the country is deeply linked to the sea.  Italy is the third largest blue economy in Europe. Taking into account all parallel supply chain activities, the blue economy as a whole generated $145 billion in 2021, representing 10% of Italian GDP, with more than 225,000 companies employing over 900,000 workers. Maritime transportation is the most important segment, followed by shipbuilding. Italy boasts a particularly strong boat building industry, from pleasure boats to large vessels. The best opportunities for US companies may be found for recreational marine products & services, marine renewable technologies, and port digitalization & green port technologies.

Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) includes sizable blue economy investments of up to $3.1 billion through 2026 to modernize port infrastructures. Much of this spending is earmarked to increase port capacity and will require new port technologies and services. Other funding will be directed at digitalization to increase ecological sustainability, efficiency, and security of ports. Other proposed maritime-related investments include greening and modernizing the fishery and aquaculture sectors, monitoring marine and coastal biodiversity, restoring river systems, wastewater treatment, flood protection, offshore energy parks, coastal tourism, as well as investments in green shipping and building blue skills. Upcoming, noteworthy projects include a new cruise ship offshore terminal in the Port of Venice; breakwater restructuring and renewable energy projects at the Civitavecchia (Rome) Port; and waterfront redevelopment, breakwater and shipyard expansion projects, intermodal logistics expansion in the Port of Genoa.

Working with a local agent, distributor or representative is recommended for this market. Attending trade shows in the region is an excellent opportunity to network with local distributors and partners.  Commercial Service Italy is a conduit to the market and can offer export assistance and resources.

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