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Israel Updated Standard Reform

In November 2021, the Israeli government approved a new standards reform as part of a package of broader economic reforms passed in the Arrangements Bill. As part of this reform, Israel announced changes to its import decree which simplifies the pre-shipment testing and documentation requirements for goods entering Israel.  The following change of the import requirements will ultimately make it easier for American manufacturers to export to Israel.

The standards reform is based on several key principles that aim to ease some of the barriers that companies face when exporting goods to Israel. Moving forward, goods that comply with international standards that are accepted by Israeli government will now be permitted for import without additional verification and/or testing processes. The new process is based on a self declaration-based system, whereas importers are required to self-declare that their goods comply with the international standard that is accepted by the Israeli government and poses no physical or safety threat to Israeli consumers.

Prior to the reform, such imports were subject to a long and costly verification and testing process.  These reforms are part of a broader objective championed by Government of Israel to reduce the high cost of living in Israel, by encouraging greater price competition through increased imports.

Though this reform has been approved by the Israeli Knesset, Ministry of Economy is still in process of finalizing the mechanism to fulfill this reform. More information will be published in the coming months once the Israeli government will finalize the formal process. 

More information can be found on the Israel Federation of Commerce website, click here for a detailed review of the reform, and summarized version here

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