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Israel Travel and Tourism Industry

Approximately 450,000 Israelis travel annually to the U.S., and the volume of travelers increases with each year. The primary purposes for travel to the U.S. are business and leisure; the most popular leisure activities Israelis engage in in the U.S. are shopping, sightseeing, fine dining, visiting art galleries and museums, and touring national parks and monuments. With that, many Israelis have relatives living in the U.S. or possess a dual citizenship, Israeli and American, a fact that contributes to the total number of U.S.-bound travel from Israel.

Though the travel and tourism industry in Israel suffered losses during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Israeli economy recovered fairly quickly in comparison to other OECD countries. This allowed many luxury and leisure industries, particularly international travel, to recoup their activities. As a result, outbound travel from Israel has reached nearly pre-pandemic figures. In May 2022, 698,300 Israelis traveled abroad, compared to 656,000 in May 2019. Following the same trend, out of the 9 million Israeli citizens, more than 4.3 million had traveled overseas in 2019; the number of Israeli travelers in 2022 is forecasted to surpass the 2019 figures.

There are 93 weekly direct flights from Israel to 9 airports in the U.S., operated by United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and the local El Al Airlines. The top five states visited by Israelis are New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Florida. Additionally, Israeli travelers are adventurous and open to new experiences; Israelis are closely familiar with U.S. culture and are receptive to marketing campaigns for other top destinations in the United States. In 2021, Israeli tourists spent an average of $3,400 per trip. As the travel and tourism industry continues to recover from the pandemic, as does the economy, the amount of dollars Israeli travelers spend in the U.S. is expected to increase as well.

To enter the U.S., Israelis must obtain a visa. This is considered a barrier for some Israelis, though it is expected to be eliminated in the near future as the two countries work towards including Israel in the visa waiver program. That step is expected to significantly increase the number of Israeli travelers to the U.S. 

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