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Ireland SmartSafe Resilient Cities

Ireland’s $600 million security sector has experienced significant challenges throughout 2020 particularly around urban commercial settings.  Access control and the management of lines outside retail premises have become a feature of the shopping experience while commercial facilities have required additional surveillance technologies. Simultaneously, local city and county governments have pivoted their focus to creating accessible, sustainable, safe and resilient cities and regions for citizens.

The European security sector identifies SmartSafe City programs as a key emerging trend.  With a score of 8.64, Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is ranked in the middle on the F&S SmartSafe City Index of European cities.  Ireland’s second city Cork has secured a place in the European Commission’s new two-year  Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) program.  The ICC initiative brings together 126 European cities to achieve intelligent, socially responsible and sustainable growth through advanced technologies.  Cork plans to utilize ICC to address a selection of additional goals such as digital inclusion; connected services; open data; supporting SMEs, resilience amid post-pandemic recovery.

The upcoming All Ireland Smart Cities 2020 Virtual Forum focusing on Building a Responsive and Resilient City will provide incentive for more cities and regions to explore similar strategies.  This pivot to SmartSafe Resilient Cities should present viable opportunities for U.S. digital and security vendors with proven solutions in this sector.

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