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Ireland Renewable Energy Key Focus on Irish National Hydrogen Strategy

As one of the most energy-import dependent countries in the EU, Ireland’s energy system faces significant challenges to implement transformational change related to its transition to a net-zero emissions future.  The Irish Government (GOI) and its energy agencies are developing national strategies to enable the sector achieve targets consistent with Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.  The National Hydrogen Strategy, published in July 2023, focuses on the deployment of the country’s natural resources in the production of green energy.  It outlines the role for Ireland’s significant wind resources to accentuate the capability for renewable hydrogen to achieve GOI goals of a zero-carbon, secure energy system while also enabling the country to become an exporter to emerging hydrogen markets across Europe.

The strategy outlines initial short-term actions to foster the development of a significant renewable hydrogen sector in Ireland.  These comprise measures aimed at removing barriers which may inhibit progress of early-stage hydrogen projects along with supports for targeted research and innovation initiatives across the hydrogen value chain to develop expertise locally.  Ireland will focus its initial efforts on the scale up and production of renewable “green” hydrogen as it supports both the decarbonization and energy security needs of the country.  This focus will see hydrogen production target grid-connected electrolysis from surplus renewables prior to 2030.  The strategy includes a 2GW target to produce renewable hydrogen sourced from offshore wind in development by 2030.  This approach is designed to provide greater certainty for investors and create the scale needed to enable greater infrastructure deployment going forward.

The National Hydrogen Strategy contains proposals and initiatives across the renewable hydrogen value chain, including production, end uses, transportation and storage, safety, regulation, markets, innovation, and skills.  Interested U.S. energy technology suppliers should review the strategy to identify suitable market opportunities in Ireland.  

For more information on Ireland’s energy sector, please contact Padraig O’Connor at U.S. Commercial Service Ireland via Padraig.O’