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Indonesian Halal Product Assurance Requirements

Indonesia’s Halal Law of 2014 says that starting in October 2019 many products would be subject to a certification process and labeling requirements to show whether they are “halal,” meaning that they comply with Islamic law, or “haram,” meaning they contain pork or do not conform with Islamic law in some other way.

Halal Law implementing regulations enacted on October 17, 2019 clarified that the certification started on a voluntary basis for food and beverage products on October 17, 2019 and will start on a voluntary basis for other product categories on October 17, 2021.  The regulations stated that halal certification and labeling requirements will become mandatory for each product category starting on the following dates:

  • October 17, 2024 for food and beverage products;
  • October 17, 2026 for traditional medicines and food supplements, cosmetics, chemical products and genetically modified organisms, wearable clothing items, household appliances and office products, and Class A medical devices;
  • October 17, 2029 for over-the-counter medicines and Class B medical devices; and
  • October 17, 2034 for prescription medicines and Class C medical devices.

In addition, vaccines and Class D medical devices will be regulated under a future presidential decree.

Halal certification will be valid for a period of four years and can be processed by accredited certification bodies located in or outside of Indonesia. As of January 2020, the Ministry of Religion recognized 45 halal certification bodies located outside of Indonesia in 26 countries, including the following five halal certification bodies in the United States:

  1. Islamic Services of America (4334 16th Ave SW P.O Box 521 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404;
  2. Halal Transaction of Omaha (P.O. Box. 4546, Omaha, NE 68104;
  3. The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (777 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, Illinois, 60068;
  4. Halal Food Council USA (132 E, Main Street, Suite 302 Salisbury, MD 21801;
  5. American Halal Foundation (10502 Bermuda Isle Dr., Tampa, Florida 33647

A current list of all recognized foreign (non-Indonesian) halal certification bodies can be found on the Indonesian Ministry of Religion website here: