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India Safety and Security Market

India’s current safety and security market size is estimated to be valued at $12.1 billion.  Growth in this market is largely due to the ever-increasing requirements for safety coupled with a boom in technological adaptation across all segments of society.  While the market is price sensitive, increasing awareness of quality, reliability, and timely after-sales service has led to willingness from some customer segments to pay a premium for innovative and technologically advanced products.  This presents a market opportunity for U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, and solutions providers. 

The security systems market in India can be broadly classified into the following segments:  cyber security, electronic security, fire safety/detection/prevention, road safety, private and industrial security, and personal protective apparel and equipment.  The industry is highly fragmented and consists of local manufacturers, system integrators, sub-contractors, regulatory and certification agencies, distributors, consultants, and service providers. 

In recent years, the Indian government has initiated a wide range of vital infrastructure projects, including new airports, seaports, highway development projects, urban rail systems, and the continued expansion of smart city technologies across the country.  These developments, coupled with advancements in the use of Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing systems, and smart technologies across industries, are primary drivers for demand in the safety and security sector.

End users of safety and security products and services in India include airports, mass transportation system operators, government agencies, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, military and paramilitary forces, emergency and disaster management agencies, private security agencies, manufacturing operations, and commercial and non-commercial enterprises.

Though the surveillance systems market in India is growing, it faces challenges when it comes to sourcing and implementation of projects.  Non-availability of components, high import duties, supply chain mismanagement, and inadequate infrastructure are some of the challenges faced by the industry.  Even since before the pandemic and ensuing economic slowdown, Indian companies and consumers have proven to be extremely price sensitive.  U.S. companies must evaluate whether they can sell at prices that Indian companies are willing to pay and may need to adjust their sales models accordingly.  U.S. exporters should also be prepared to face non-transparent and often unpredictable regulatory and tariff regimes while doing business in India.

For entry into the Indian market, it is essential for U.S. companies to identify quality partners who know this market and are well-versed in procedural issues.  U.S. exporters should explore market strategies in India, such as identifying a distributor or a joint venture partner with an India-based company.  Strategic planning, due diligence, consistent follow-up, patience, and commitment are prerequisites for doing business successfully in India.  The Indian market necessitates multiple marketing efforts that address differing regional opportunities, standards, languages, cultural differences, and levels of economic development.  Penetrating India’s market requires careful analysis of consumer preferences, existing sales channels, and changes in distribution and marketing practices.  India is a face-to-face society, and in-person meetings are typically required before formalization of work partnerships or agreements.  

U.S. companies are encouraged to participate in the following trade shows to identify potential partners:

•  7th International Police Expo, Jul. 26-27, 2023, New Delhi. This is an excellent platform for safety and security professionals, suppliers, and manufacturers to explore business opportunities in police security, safety training, firearms, forensics, combat and armored vehicles, and UAVs.

•  OSH India, Nov. 23-25, 2023, Mumbai. This is South Asia’s largest occupational, safety, and health solution show.

•  IFSEC India, Dec. 7-9, 2023, New Delhi. This is South Asia’s largest electronic, industrial and homeland security show.

For further information regarding this sector, please contact the safety and security team at the U.S. Commercial Service in India.