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Hungary Robotic Surgery

Hungary aims to make robot-assisted surgery accessible to an increased number of patients.

Statistics from millions of robot-assisted surgeries show many benefits to patients, including reduced blood loss, shorter hospitalization, reduced discomfort, and faster recovery times. 

Robotic surgery has been established as an innovative way of executing surgeries by refining the performance of surgeons and allowing the patients to return to a regular routine quicker. Robot-assisted surgery is an excellent asset for doctors as it helps in complex scenarios: the instrument offers an outstanding level of precision and visibility along with minimizing the burden on the surgeon, allowing them to focus on the most crucial movements in oncology, urology, thoracic and gynecology surgeries. The robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery broadens the surgeon’s vision and approaches each surgical area by performing millimeter-accurate movements while the surgeon can work from a sitting position. 

Being one of the leading universities in medicine in Hungary, the Budapest Semmelweis University emphasizes using such machines for patient care and educational purposes. There are currently two known surgical robot systems in Hungary, one in the Oncology Institute and another in the Jahn Ferenc Hospital in Budapest. So far, the two units have operated on more than 70 patients in the two hospitals. The National Institute of Oncology aims to give home to a training center soon, where they can prepare surgeons specializing in different fields of medicine for the use of robotic surgery technologies. Subject matter experts expect to carry out 800 operations with these robots this year alone. Considering these key players investing in robotic surgery solutions, we can be confident that there are significant opportunities in this field in Hungary. Robotic surgeries in the local market are expected to increase significantly year on year.

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