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Hungary Regulatory Framework for Hydrogen

The European Commission will continue to improve the regulatory framework to assist development of energy infrastructure.

The Commission will continue to improve the regulatory framework to assist the development of an integrated gas and hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen storage facilities, and port infrastructure in order to foster a European market for hydrogen.

New cross-border infrastructure should be compatible with hydrogen. The Commission will give first priority to state aid notification for hydrogen projects. It promises to finish assessing the first Important Projects of Common European Interest on hydrogen within six weeks of the participating Member States submitting a comprehensive notification. The common goal should be to finish the assessment by the summer.

In addition, the Commission will fund experimental initiatives in the EU’s neighborhood for sustainable hydrogen generation and transportation, beginning with the Mediterranean Green Hydrogen Partnership. It will also collaborate with partners to form Green Hydrogen Partnerships and with industry to develop a Global European Hydrogen Facility, ensuring that Member States have access to affordable renewable hydrogen.

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